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Cumberland Terrace, Gibraltar

A residential block of 224 flats, ranging from two to four bedroom units, over 8 floors with an additional 2 levels of secure parking.   META Drywalls involvement in the project included the installation of Drylining and Suspended Ceilings; Tape and Jointing; Acoustic Flooring.

cumbterr.png cumbterr2.png nelsonsview.png

Nelsons View and Bay View Terrace

Two further blocks of flats, totaling in excess of 200 units, over seven floors at Nelsons and eight floors at Bay View Terrace, were completed in the summer of 2010.

Complete Interior Fit-out – ‘Tinsel Town’, Bayswter Complete Interior Fit-out – ‘Tinsel Town’, Bayswter Complete Interior Fit-out – ‘Tinsel Town’, Bayswter Complete Interior Fit-out – ‘Tinsel Town’, Bayswter

Since forming Meta Interiors at the beginning of 2011, in an attempt to secure working back in the UK, the Company has undertaken a number of projects, both direct with Clients and for Main Contractors.

Complete Interior Fit-out

‘Tinsel Town’, Bayswter

Meta undertook the Drylining, Plastering, Acoustic Ceilings, Glazed Screens, Floor Finishes, Interior and Exterior Painting and all carpentry works.

Meta have also completed the internal drylining as a traditional Sub-Contractor on a number of projects including the new Travel Lodge in High Wycombe, new build Crematorium, Kidderminster, B&Q Distribution Warehouse, Swindon. Harrods Distribution Centre, Thatcham. Debenhams Chesterfield.

Complete internal Fit-out

The Innovation Centre, Chatham

Medway City Council